Superior Cleaning



The details are what turn a good performance into a world class experience.

The Electrolux Oxygen system is packed with features that provide a whole new level of cleaning. This vacuum system is not just for your floors, but the entire room with convenient tools readily available and stored on the handle. Innovative and unique, the combination of integrated tools, active control switch at the handle and active pick-up tool on the floor will turn your home into a healthy haven. These refinements will give you the ultimate clean. No pedals. No brushes. Just a more efficient clean with less resistance, in fewer sweeps.

The secret lies in the system of optimal, aerodynamically designed air channels. Most vacuum cleaners pick up visible and harmless dirt, but leave the air even more polluted with tiny invisible particles. The Oxygen central vacuum system’s air channels allow more dirt, dust and particles to be removed, leaving nothing behind but clean air.


Superior Cleaning