Clean Air Built-in



The health benefits of clean air are built into your home with the Electrolux Oxygen central vacuum system.

Oxygen features a unique multi-stage filtration system:

  1. Cyclonic action airflow in container will automatically separate larger particles from the air stream.
  2. The GORE-TEX™ self cleaning filter delivers high-efficiency filtration and worry-free performance. There is no need for paper bag filters.
  3. The exclusive True HEPA filter purifies the air 99.97% and then diffuses it through our soft air diffusion system, eliminating the need to exhaust the air to the outside.

The Oxygen unit is placed in a secondary space like a utility room, garage or storage area. The power unit is connected to the central vacuum piping system run inside the walls of the home. This can be installed either during construction or fitted to your existing home. Wall outlets are strategically placed to reach every corner of your home. Regular homes can be covered with only 3-5 inlet points.

Clearn air built-in