Installation of an Electrolux Oxygen Central Vacuum System


An Electrolux Central Vacuum System will make cleaning your home easier and improve the indoor air quality. The Electrolux system can be installed in virtually any home following some simple steps. The installation can be done by a professional or be handled as a homeowner do-it-yourself project.

The central vacuum power unit is typically placed in the utility room, garage, basement, or even in a storage closet. The central vacuum pipe system and low-volt wiring are then installed inside the wall to predetermined outlets in the home, so that the whole house can be covered with the central vacuum system. At each outlet, a central vacuum inlet valve is then installed and connected to the low-volt wire.

The Electrolux Central Vacuum System is now ready to use, and the system will automatically turn on when you place the end of the hose into the inlet valve. You can even turn the system on and off directly on the handle as well as regulate the suction power.
For professional installation or advice, contact an authorized Oxygen distributor.

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